Retail Listings

Retail Connections works with brands, distributors and service providers within the UK retail industry to help them achieve their maximum potential by identifying and quantifying how much incremental revenue could be unlocked through the development of new channels and new customer relationships, and then putting in place a clear and robust plan of action to deliver it.

Put simply, we can offer you a proven, cost effective, efficient and result driven solution to unlock the full potential of the retail sector both in the UK and across the globe.

You could have the best product in the world, but if your overall proposition isn't right then your product won't get near the shelves. Margin, merchandising, POS, logistics, supply routes and marketing support are all as important as the product itself. Your competitor's product may be inferior to yours, but if the retailer thinks that their products will make more money, if they make it easier for the retailer, if they are an established supplier with a proven track record or if they are doing more to drive sell through, then you will lose. Part of our service is to get to the bottom of what is stopping your products from being selected so that we can fix it and start winning share of shelf.

Retailers have to be 100% sure that your product will make them more money than the product they are taking out. Our role is to find out what trigger points the buyer is looking for in order to make the leap.